to the new website of dakota suite (thank you hagen hansen for making this beautiful place for me to live!). well, I know it’s a little surprising, given that I said I was done with music….but…I have some things to share with you all.
this river only brings poison – 20th anniversary 2LP edition
firstly, the good folks at karaoke kalk are issuing ‘this river only brings poison’ on vinyl for the first time for its 20th anniversary. I also designed all new artwork for this edition, as johanna has so many beautiful images for me to look at. the 2 LP edition also includes some outtakes so I hope that you enjoy that. pre-orders are up now, the release date is 29/09/23.

please go here if that is of interest to you.
forever breathes the lonely word
secondly, I wanted to let you know that I have completed a new recording with quentin sirjacq, and that is called ‘forever breathes the lonely word’. it’s been recorded and mixed, and we expect that to be released around april 2024. there may even be some live shows….I will keep you posted.

anyway, thank you all for sticking with me, get in touch, tell me how you are and what I have missed…it’s been too long.


continue to write to me if you need to ask anything. I remain open.



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