we are in the final stages of mixing/mastering the new LP ‘Forever Speaks The Lonely Word’. this will be up for pre-order very soon. the single is out, and now we are doing a special limited edition t-shirt for the new LP, this is up for pre-order now, and all funds will go to the making of the LP/CD – as this is a self funded release every penny helps….so please support independent music. I appreciate your support!

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new single
‘these unimaginable things that you bear (for nick)’

this is the first single from the forthcoming LP ‘forever breathes the lonely word’. ‘forever breathes the lonely word’ is a suite of hymns for my dear friend nick hawley who passed away after a battle with cancer on 04/08/23. he was so so dear to me.

I recorded this song for nick at a time it became clear he wouldn’t survive, sharing it with him and feeling his reaction was one of the things that will sustain me going forward in a life without him. i miss him every day and this was the only way I could convey to him how I felt.

this song is released on the first anniversary of nick’s passing.
releases August 4, 2024

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watch the video for the single here

to the new website of Dakota Suite (thank you Hagen Hansen for making this beautiful place for me to live!). well, I know it’s a little surprising, given that I said I was done with music….but…I have some things to share with you all.

firstly, the good folks at karaoke kalk are issuing ‘This River Only Brings Poison’ on vinyl for the first time for its 20th anniversary. I also designed all new artwork for this edition, as Johanna has so many beautiful images for me to look at. the 2 LP edition also includes some outtakes so I hope that you enjoy that.

please go here if that is of interest to you




continue to write to me if you need to ask anything. I remain open.


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